Left Behind Too Late

Delivered by Cortez Stegall
November 28, 2021
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Key Verses

Luke 21:7-24

As we go through life, many of us want to obtain riches and good fortune. Some of us think that this is what it will take to have a fulfilling life.

But, in this sermon, we learn that by focusing on those things as means to have a prosperous life will not sustain us. We are reminded that Jesus is coming back. We don’t know when, but looking at how thing are now, it is really soon.

Instead of worrying about obtaining riches and satisfaction on earth, we must work on preparing our souls for His return. We must seek salvation so when Jesus comes back, we can meet Him in the air.

About the Minister

Cortez Stegall

Cortez Stegall

Cortez Stegall is the Senior Pastor at New St. James M. B. Church.
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