Tell the Lord ‘Thank You’, Part 2

Delivered by Randy Smith
January 10, 2021
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Key Verses

Luke 17:11-14

In this follow up of a previous sermon, we’re show other examples in the Bible that mirror what’s been going on today.

Also, we learn that just like God did in Biblical times, He will do it for us now. He will bring healing. He will bring comfort. He will bring peace.

And because of all of those things and more, we ought to thank God no matter what.

Full Church Service

(Devotional reading came from John 1:1-15. Click here for this day’s announcements.)

This is the FULL church service if you want to listen to it. It includes music solos, announcements, devotion, and prayers. If you want to just listen to the sermon, just click on the audio bar under “Listen”.

About the Minister

Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Rev. Randy Smith is the pastor and founder of Keeping It Real Ministries in Crawfordsville, AR. The mission of Keeping It Real Ministries is to be an engaging and inspirational ministry that wins souls for Christ. Learn more at
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