2020 Contribution Statements, Church Calendar and Alternative Conference Call Link

by New St. James
December 27, 2020
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A couple of announcements were made during the 12/27/20 Sunday Morning Service Conference Call that may have been missed. Here’s a recap of what was mentioned.

2020 Contribution Statements

Tabita, the Church Treasurer, will have contribution statements available for anyone who wants one. The statements can be used to report your charitable contributions to the church on your taxes. It can be used to potentially lower your tax burden or increase your refund.

The statements will be available only on request. Anyone who wants a contribution statement will need to contact Tabita no later than January 17.

Church Calendar

Frankie, the Church Secretary, is preparing to work on the Church’s calendar for 2021. Anyone who would like to add something to the calendar, such as an event or birthday, will need to contact her as soon as possible.

Alternative Method to Connect to the Conference Call

New St. James has been utilizing conference calls to conduct Church Services and many other functions. However, sometimes members may get kicked off of the line or may not be able to connect at all.

The church has been using the Start Meeting online platform to handle the conference call. If you want an alternative method to connect to the call, then on your computer go to the following link (or click on the link in the gray box):


When you click on it, you will be prompted to download an application. Save it in your downloads folder and then open it up when it is finished.

You will get a window that will show up where you can join the meeting.

This link will work on a computer or your mobile phone.

The phone number is also still available for those who don’t have access to a computer, a smartphone, or internet access. Please note that the link only works for the Sunday Morning Service, Bible Study, the Watch Meeting, and Missionary Meetings.

There is a different number for the daily prayer meetings which you can find here.

Also, as a reminder, sermons will be posted on the Sermons page at the end of service if you’ve missed the call or want to review the message.

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New St. James

New St. James M. B. Church, located in Wynne, AR, has been serving the community in East Arkansas for around 150 years. As the second oldest church in Cross County, New St. James takes up the divine mission to win souls for Christ. This is done through various ministries, such as Youth, Missionary Society, prayer, and more.
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