How to Experience Service, Bible Class on the Church Conference Call

by New St. James
April 19, 2020
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Updated 5/3/20

Out of Love, safety, and concern of our members, New St. James has cancelled all face-to-face services and programs until further notice as the coronavirus pandemic is going on.

During this time, we have started holding regular Bible Class and Morning Service on a conference call. Here is how you can have the best worship experience with us through the conference call.

Dialing In

The number for Bible Class and Morning Service is the same: 1-774-267-8147. You can save this number in your phone to make it easy to recall.

It is highly recommended that you sign in at least 15 to 30 minutes early to the start of service! Sunday Morning Service is at 11 A.M. Bible Class is on Wednesdays at 7 P.M.

After Dialing In

Dialing In Early: If you dial in early, you’ll be asked to state your name. You can state your name and say hello to everyone.

Dialing in Late (After Service Starts): If you dial into the conference call after service, you’ll be asked to state your name. PLEASE DON’T STATE YOUR NAME because service has started and you may be interrupting the flow of the worship service for others.

Muting Your Phone

Once service starts, you will need to mute your phone. This is out of respect to the other people on the call who are listening to the service. When you mute your phone, it will allow you to listen to the call without anyone being able to listen to you or any background noise. Also, when you talk, there may be a delay. It can cause some confusion when two people are talking at the same time.

The pastor will mute everyone when service starts. Dial *6 to unmute yourself to speak. Dial *6 again to put yourself back on mute. You will hear a voice say “muted” or “unmuted” to tell you whether you’re muted or not.

ONLY In case you aren’t able to use your key pad to dial *6 to mute, then you can mute the phone itself.

If you are calling with your iPhone, you can use these instructions (skip step 3) to mute your phone.

If you DON’T have an iPhone, you will need to check your phone’s manual for instructions on how to mute your phone.

IF YOU CAN’T MUTE YOUR PHONE AT ALL, then make sure you are in a very quite room and please stay quite during the service. If you have to speak to someone in your home, please have them wait until the end of service or exit the room.

Don’t worry, these sermons are being recorded and you can go here to listen to them later.

If You Get Disconnected or You Can’t Connect At All

The call volume can get crowded and the system may prevent you from connecting or it will disconnect you while you listening.

If this happens, please keep dialing the number and try again until you get back on.

If you get disconnected in the middle of service and you’re able to get back on, you don’t need to announce yourself again. Just make sure that your phone is muted.

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