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by New St. James
May 3, 2020
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New St. James has ways in which you can continue to tithe or contribute to other missions at the church during this crisis.

Online (Recommended) has a simple online form that you can use to send your contributions to the church. The form is very simple to use and is secure. Also, you can use the form to set up reoccurring payments from a week up to a year.

Offering Amount: Type in the amount you want to give. You don’t have to type the dollar sign ($).

Where is the gift going: You choose what mission you want your give to go towards. Those include:

  • Tithes/Offering
  • Love Offering (pass the plate)
  • General Offering
  • Building Fund
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Church Anniversary
  • Pastor’s Aid

Would you like to make this amount reoccurring?: You can either choose to use the form to give one-time, or you can set the form up to give automatically. You just choose the frequency.

Once you send the form, the amount you set and where it’s allocated to go will be done automatically on the same day, depending on the frequency.

For example, if you want to give $50 every month, because you get $500 every month, then you would choose the monthly option.

If you want to cancel the reoccurring gift, just contact the church treasurer.

Email & Phone: Email field is required. The phone field is not, unless you want to make sure that the church treasurer can give you a call in case something goes wrong with your contribution.

CAPTCHA: This is just to make sure that you are a real person. You might be presented with a question you have to answer in order to process your contribution. Just answer the question the best way you can.

If you want to give to a different mission, then just refresh the browser page (press F5 on your computer keyboard) and complete the form again.

By Mail (Next Option)

You can also mail in your contribution, cash or check, to our P.O. Box. Here’s the address:

New St. James M.B. Church
PO BOX 1266
Wynne, AR 72396

In-Person (Last Resort)

If the previous two options don’t work for you, then you can bring you contribution to the church and give it to our treasurer. Generally, she’s there while the conference call service is going on. Please, for your safety and her’s, remember to wear a mask if you must deliver your contribution in person.

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New St. James

New St. James M. B. Church, located in Wynne, AR, has been serving the community in East Arkansas for around 150 years. As the second oldest church in Cross County, New St. James takes up the divine mission to win souls for Christ. This is done through various ministries, such as Youth, Missionary Society, prayer, and more.
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