New St. James Announces Plans for Christmas, New Year’s Eve Watch Service

by New St. James
December 6, 2020
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With many more people in Arkansas getting infected with the coronavirus, Rev. Cortez Stegall, Sr. Pastor of New St. James M. B. Church, has announced some changed to annual year-end events.

Christmas Service

Typically, New St. James has an early Sunday morning service on Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Christ. It’s also an opportunity for Saints testify to power of Christ working in their lives.

This year, Stegall announced that the service will be done this year via Conference Call. The service is expected to be on Friday, December 25, 2020 from 6 A.M. to 7 A.M. There will be a brief sermon and a testimonial service.

Year End Revival

Around the last week of the year, the church helps people get their lives right for the new year with an annual Year End Revival.

Because of the pandemic, Stegall has announced that the annual Year End Revival has been cancelled.

Watch Meeting

Every year on December 31, New St. James would have Watch Meeting Service to help bring in the new year with Jesus Christ.

This year’s Watch Meeting Service will be done via Conference Call as well. It will be on Thursday, December 31, 2020 from 11 P.M. until midnight.

Reminder About the Conference Call

You can join the conference call by calling 1-774-267-8147. The calls normally start 30 minutes early, so it’s encouraged for you to sign on early.

Also, please mute your phone when you get on the call so that any background noise won’t hinder the worship experience for others. You can dial *6 on your phone’s keypad, or press “mute” on your phone to mute yourself.

Sunday Morning Worship Service and Bible Study uses the same phone number. You can also see how to get on the conference call for Daily Prayer Meetings and Missionary Society Meetings.

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New St. James

New St. James M. B. Church, located in Wynne, AR, has been serving the community in East Arkansas for around 150 years. As the second oldest church in Cross County, New St. James takes up the divine mission to win souls for Christ. This is done through various ministries, such as Youth, Missionary Society, prayer, and more.
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