The Mark of a Great Church

Delivered by Chanson Newborn
August 2, 2020
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Key Verses

Philippians 1:27-30, Matthew 6:33, John 14:22, Ephesians 2:19, Colossians 3:8, 1 Corinthians 1:10

What makes a great church?

Is it a nice large building? Is it how much money it raises, or how many members it has? As guest speaker for New St. James’ 150th Anniversary, Rev. Chanson Newborn delivers a message that says that non of those things make a great church.

In this message, he says that Paul in the Bible identified four marks of a great church. A great church has members who act like they have heavenly citizenship.

A great church is one that honors the Gospel of Christ though how they behave. A great church stands fast and firm as one body and not be divided.

A great church is also one that remains courageous in times when their faith is under attack.

Newborn encourages members at New St. James to continues to display the marks of a great church for the next 150+ years.

Full Church Service

(Devotion came from Psalms 23)

This is the FULL church service if you want to listen to it. It includes music solos, announcements, devotion, and prayers. If you want to just listen to the sermon, just click on the audio bar under “Listen”.

About the Minister

Chanson Newborn

Chanson Newborn

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