Hear and Not Fear: What Kind of Ground Are You?

Delivered by Randy Smith
May 24, 2020
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Key Verses

Mark 4:1-23; Exodus 16:4

(Devotional reading came from Psalms 1)

When this coronavirus pandemic hit the world, what kind of “fear” did you display? Spiritually, fear is meant as a way to show reverence to and respect of the power and might of God.

However, many people and Christians have instead leaned into the worldly definition of fear, which are feelings of hopelessness, despair, and faithlessness.

God uses tragedies strategically to bring us closer to Him. That’s a fact many Christians would know if they spent time with God; if we prayed and meditated on His word.

These are things that our pastors, such as Rev. Smith and Rev. Stegall have tried to drill into us. But, if we aren’t receptive to listening to the messages delivered by our God-ordained shepherds, then these times of despair can easily cause us to loose faith instead of retreating to the one true God.

In this message, Rev. Smith asks us to look at ourselves critically and ask what kind of ground are we? Are we fertile enough to receive the message from God telling us to hear His voice and stay calm. Or, are we so dry that God’s word can’t take root in us?

Rev. Randy Smith delivered this message to help celebrate Pastor Cortez and First Lady Margret Ann Stegall’s 20th anniversary leading New St. James.

Full Church Service

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Topics: Fear

About the Minister

Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Rev. Randy Smith is the pastor and founder of Keeping It Real Ministries in Crawfordsville, AR. The mission of Keeping It Real Ministries is to be an engaging and inspirational ministry that wins souls for Christ. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/kirministriescrawfordsville/
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