Tell the Lord ‘Thank You’

Delivered by Randy Smith
January 1, 2021
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Key Verses

Luke 17:11-19

Many horrible things happened in 2020. For the first time, the world had to live through a scary pandemic. Also, prejudice and hatred was at levels never seen before.

But, non of this is new to God.

In fact, people in Biblical times had to deal with the highly contagious leprosy. In that time, there was no cure for the disease and sometimes lead to death. Also, in that time, there was just as much prejudice as there was today.

In this message for Watch Meeting 2020, we learn that just like He did for them, He will do it for us. He healed that land and He will heal this land.

We also learn that regardless of all of this sickness, death, turmoil, hatred – God is still good. God will still take care of you.

…and for that, we need to tell the Lord “thank you.”

(Devotional reading came from Psalms 111:1-10.)

About the Minister

Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Rev. Randy Smith is the pastor and founder of Keeping It Real Ministries in Crawfordsville, AR. The mission of Keeping It Real Ministries is to be an engaging and inspirational ministry that wins souls for Christ. Learn more at
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