A Test of Love

Delivered by Kenneth Lofton
October 18, 2020
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Key Verses

1 John 4:19-21

God sometimes places us in a situation to test our Love.

He’s done this several times in the Bible, such as with Abraham. He’s also done this with His only Son, Jesus.

It is our responsibility to evaluate ourselves in those situations and make sure that we are acting in the God-like Love that He has instructed us to do.

Full Church Service

(Devotional reading came from Luke 10:28-37)

This is the FULL church service if you want to listen to it. It includes music solos, announcements, devotion, and prayers. If you want to just listen to the sermon, just click on the audio bar under “Listen”.

About the Minister

Kenneth Lofton

Kenneth Lofton

Rev. Kenneth Lofton, Sr. is the associate pastor at New St. James.
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