Whom the Lord Calls, He Equips

Delivered by Cortez Stegall
December 5, 2021
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Key Verses

Exodus 4:10-16, 27-31

When Moses was called by God to lead His people, Moses had doubts. He was worried that he was not the best speaker. But, God made enough provisions for Moses to do His will.

Many of us have been called by God to perform certain duties. In this sermon, we learn that when God places something on our hearts to do, He will give us all of the tools we need to do what we’ve been called to do. We also learn that we don’t need to look at what we’re lacking. Not all of us can sing or pray. But, God has given us all we need to go to work and further the church.

About the Minister

Cortez Stegall

Cortez Stegall

Cortez Stegall is the Senior Pastor at New St. James M. B. Church.
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