It’s Time to Clean House

Delivered by Cortez Stegall
January 1, 2021
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Sermon Series: Watch Meeting 2020

Key Verses

John 4:24, Luke 11:24-26

2020 was not the best year.

There was a lot of sadness, despair, depression, and hopelessness that occurred during that year. With that kind of atmosphere, it’s possible that we may’ve encountered evil spirit(s) that placed those spirits into us.

However, with a new year upon us, it’s time for us to clean our “house” of evil spirits. In the new year, we need to start getting rid of the evil spirits in our lives.

In this message for Watch Meeting 2020, we learn how having an active prayer life, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus can help up go into 2021 with a clean heart and spirit.

(Devotional reading came from Psalms 111:1-10.)

About the Minister

Cortez Stegall

Cortez Stegall

Cortez Stegall is the Senior Pastor at New St. James M. B. Church.
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